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Father - Husband - Veteran- Prosecutor

I made a decision long ago that the pursuit of justice would be my life-long goal. I have engaged in that pursuit as a United States Marine and criminal prosecutor.

I have lived in Bucks County since 2001, when I first left active duty in the United States Marine Corps and became a criminal prosecutor in the Bucks County District Attorney’s office. Since that time, I served in the Iraq War during the troop surge of 2007 and was deployed again to the Horn of Africa to plan counter-terrorism training missions with our African allies in the Global War on Terror.

I am running for Congress in order to take my pursuit of justice to our nation’s capital. When elected, I will fight for reform in our electoral and legislative processes so that the constitutional republic that our founding fathers created can be restored. As a conservative, I want government to work for all the American people, not just for the wealthy and well connected.

I currently practice as a civil attorney in Doylestown. My wife is a nursing student, and our four children attend school in the Central Bucks District.    

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